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First let me start by saying I have extremely sensitive skin. Most scented moisturizers break my skin out which causes itchiness and dryness. The night I used the whipped body body I felt an immediate difference. My skin has never been as silky smooth! It’s sooooo moisturizing and the smell!!! The smell is amazing. Very fragrant but not overpowering. Definitely can smell it in on my skin all day long.

This scent is really unisex. I like how it smells but my husband loves it more. It lasts super long and really good especially after a long shower. Smells like something that would costs $100. Very expensive like scent.

I wanted to try these body washes since the debut, and I was happy to get this one based on the nostalgia it caused from when my baby niece was washed with this scent. I’m loving it! My bathroom (and I) smells baby powder fresh long after I’m done. My skin is so smooth and that’s BEFORE I apply the body butter. It’s a keeper.


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