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"Received a sample of this soap and my husband fell in love with it. He loves that the scent carries you all day long. He still smelled it at the end of his work day through his PPE! Now that’s some smell good!!!"

~ Potionette Erika

What is a loofah? 

A natural loofah is an organic product extracted through natural ways. Loofahs are popular shower accessories used for cleaning and exfoliating your skin. 

What is a loofah made of? 

Loofah is a tropical vine-grown member of the pumpkin, squash and cucumber family. Centuries ago, the loofah plant was brought to the United States by European settlers. 


What are the benefits of using a loofah soap bar?

    • Exfoliation: The natural fibers of loofahs are ideal to be used for the scrubbing process. What are the properties of fibers? They are durable and do not possess elasticity. Thus, they easily remove dead skin cells, remove pollutants and reveal glowing skin. Even, it removes dirt & pollutants trapped between skin pores.
    • Safe: Loofahs are natural and do not comprise any type of artificial chemical. They are safe for skin and do not cause any skin-related issues.
    • Blood Circulation: Scrubbing increases blood circulation that helps in removing harmful substances & toxins from the skin.
    • Natural Massager: The gentle scrubbing doubles as a massager, and will not show any harsh effect on skin while easily removing dirt from the outer layer of skin. 
    • Softens Skin: The use of loofahs makes the skin clean, smooth and even. The exfoliation process reveals a new skin surface.
    • It does not cause irritation, inflammation or breakouts: Some scrubs are too harsh on the skin that they peel even healthy skin cells. This can lead to inflammation or irritation. It may also lead to acne breakouts, which are unpleasant. Fortunately, loofah only takes away dead skin cells and dirt. 

    Our skin is our body’s largest organ, therefore we have to be mindful of what we’re allowing into our skin every time we bathe. We have to invest in our skin! 

    Unlike many over the counter soaps that contain harsh chemicals and toxins, you can be rest assured our handmade loofahs are safe for all skin types and made with only the best premium organic ingredients.

      • Vegetable Based | Cruelty-FREE
      • Good Foamy Lather 
      • Excellent Moisturizing Properties
      • NO Parabens 
      • NO Soy
      • NO Alcohol 
      • NO Mineral Oil
      • NO Formaldehyde 
      • NO Sulfates 
      • NO Phthalates 
      • NO Phosphates 

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