What our Potionette's Have to Say

"My 6mo has eczema and this cream always smoothes him out. He feels so soft and seems like he’s more relaxed. The first night I used this on him after his bath and he slept through the night the first time without waking to eat!!! It smells exactly like baby powder and my little munchkin smells so fresh and good."

Works Miracles

Potionette Judy

"This cream has helped heal my granddaughters dry flaky skin. She had eczema and I put this on her when she comes over after her bath. Her and my daughter love it and the baby powder smell. My daughter will be ordering more."

Works Miracles

Potionette Barbara

"To whoever is reading this listen to me!! This is a man magnet! I find myself telling my husband he smells sooo good almost every night before realizing he has this on. Its almost like I don't want to tell him how good he smells because its becoming redundant, lol. But this scent doesn't get old. Fresh clean waters masculine scent is sure to make you want to follow your man around the house everywhere."

Hubby's Fav!

Potionette Esther

"I am such a fan of this body whip! From the way it smells to how it feels goin on my skin to the way my skin feels after. I have mild eczema flare ups and I promise every time I have a flare up I apply this and forget that I was itching in the first place. It provides me peace of mind!!"

So Lovely

Potionette Mariah

"Can’t get over how great this smells 😩😩😩 you can smell it the entire day nooo lie and it feels good. Softening!"

Smells So Good

Potionette Amina

"Love the way this leaves my skin feeling so silky smooth. Its is NOT greasy which is a plus! I have tried several handmade products like these because I’m truly a stickler for them and I have never EVER found any handmade goods of this quality and this great smell. Wow!!"

Smooth Like Butter

Potionman Smoothe


Handmade ~ Cruelty-Free ~ All Natural Ingredients

Whipped Body Butter


  1. Highly Moisturizing
  2. Anti-Inflammatory
  3. Used for Eczema & Psoriasis
  4. Natural SPF
  5. Fades Dark Marks & Scars
  6. Relieves Joint Pain
  7. Prevents Bumps After Shaving 
  8. Softens Skin
  9. Restores Skin Elasticity
  10. Calms Irritated Skin
  11. Pretects Against Free Radicals
  12. Natural Hair Conditioner
  13. Heals Burns 

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